Social Q&A has been used at thousands of events and inappropriate use is not generally an issue, particularly in professional settings. We realize that this is a common concern though, and we've developed a couple of ways to prevent it from happening.

1. Deleting Questions

If an inappropriate or off-topic question / comment is submitted you can delete it immediately by clicking on the 'delete' icon next to that question.

Once a question is deleted, it will immediately be removed from everyone's page and will no longer be visible. Note: you will see a one-time offer to "Undo" the deletion. If you dismiss this offer or ignore it, that question will not be available to restore later. It is permanently erased.

2. Using the Moderation Queue

By default, when a question is submitted it will instantly be visible to everyone on the application. This is an engaging aspect of the product as attendee questions are immediately visible on the page and they can see other people begin to vote for them.

However, if inappropriate use is a major concern for you, you can enable the "Moderation Queue" functionality which will require a moderator to 'approve' a question before it becomes visible to the public.

When the Moderation Queue is enabled, new questions will not be visible until a moderator approves them by clicking on the plus-sign icon next to the question. Once a moderator approves the question, it will become visible on everyone's page.