Our Keynote Plan offers the ability to customize the branding and color scheme within your Q&A session.

To customize branding click the "Q&A Session Settings" button and select "Branding & Colors".

How To Embed Your Own Logo

To replace the Social Q&A logo with your own, simply scroll to the "Header Graphic" section and click "browse" to select the logo you want to embed and then click "upload".

Your new logo will now appear in the Header Section of the page. 

Next, you're probably going to want to match the Header Section background color to your logo. To do this you'll simply need to change the Hex code for that section.

Every shade of color has its own Hex code and there are millions of different options. The most common background color you'll need is white -- the hex code for white is #fff

Here is a link to a useful website that will help you find just about any hex code you need.

Once you've entered your Hex code, simply click save and the background of your Header Section will be updated!

You can follow the same steps to update the color of the Title Bar...

Here's the resulting example: